Laura Geller Baked Balance-N-Brighten Foundation: Review

I received a mini Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten baked foundation with April’s LookFantastic box. I didn’t do a first impressions posts for March and April boxes because I opened both of them when I returned from my trip to US. Naturally, any first impressions I might had when I opened them they were lost amidst the flood of beauty products I got from there. This particular product however, managed to stand out for me so I decided to do a dedicated post reviewing it.



This is not in any way a heavy coverage foundation but, as I mentioned in previous posts, this is not what I am looking for. The good thing is that it is definitely buildable without looking cakey so I can easily put on as much as I need according to my needs that day. It can go from sheer coverage making my face look even and fresh, to a decent medium coverage taking care of any discoloration I may have.


What I like about this powder foundation is that it is able to mattify my oily areas but it doesn’t make my overall look flat. It  manages to brighten my complexion and make me look healthy. As a girl with a combination skin, I find this combination very difficult to find, usually I am either matte and cakey or shiny as if I dipped my head in a bucket of oil.


When I started using the Balanced-N-Brighten foundation it was late April and the temperature in Cyprus was around 20-25°C. Back then, the powder lasted for most of the day, although I could see it move around my nose where my glasses sit. 6 hours of wear it is not the best, but it is ok for most people and I believe it would be better for someone with drier skin or with the use of  a good primer underneath.

As I am writing this post it is middle of June and Cyprus summer has arrived full force. It is currently 35+ degrees and it is only going to go up. Unfortunately, under these conditions the longevity of the foundation is not good at all. By lunchtime, my face is already oily and by the time I get home the powder has disappeared completely. I don’t blame the foundation for that since not a lot of products can last long under these temperatures, especially on skin that has the tendency to get oily. I will probably stop using it for the time being and come back to it once summer is over.


Shade Range

The shade range of Laura Geller’s Balanced-N-Brighten is pretty good, having 9 shades ranging from Porcelain suited for “Doll-like complexion. Alabaster skin” up to Toffee for “Warm, rich deep cocoa” skin. The shade I received is Fair which is the 2nd lightest shade of the range.

It is a pretty good match for me when it is sheer, although if I try to build it up it becomes a little warmer than what I would prefer. However, I believe that Porcelain would be too pale, so I am happy with it.



Which brings me to my biggest problem…. The price. Full size, it is priced at €33 which a lot more what I would spend for a powder foundation with such a sheer coverage and this longevity. The good thing is that at least it takes a long time to finish it. The sample I got is only 1.8g and it is still going strong after more than a month of daily use. Full size it is 9g so I would expect for it to last at least 9 months.


I really enjoy using Balance and Brighten foundation and I was very happy that I got to try it. It may not be perfect, but I wouldn’t mind purchasing the full size product to use during winter months.

Did you try Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten baked foundation? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below. 



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