Here Come the Curls

I’ll be honest. When it comes to hair styling I know next to nothing. My hair is not the easier to work with but I could figure out a few hairstyles that would suit me if I wanted to. Problem is, I find hair straighteners time-consuming and damaging to my hair, round brushes baffle me like nothing else and hair dryers just give me a headache.

What I am looking for is a way to take advantage of the natural curl of my hair, making it smooth and frizz-free, so that I can let my hair loose and still be presentable. And of course, all this must be effortless.

Lee Stafford Here Come the Curls

The one hair product that manages to achieve these goals is the Lee Stafford herE come the CurLs CRÈMe LiTe. It is a cream that comes in a fun, bright pink tube and as it says on the package, it “gives soft to touch, natural, bouncy curls with definition”.

How I’ve been using it:

In towel-dry hair, I apply my Lee Stafford Argan Nourishing Miracle Oil. Then I take a generous amount of the Here Come the Curls cream, rub it between my palms and I scrunch my hair. I let my hair air-dry and I am left with smooth, bouncy, and frizz-free curls.

In the packaging directions, it is recommended to apply a cherry-sized amount of product. With my long, thick hair this is not enough to cover everything so I usually take almost double that size to be able to get the result that I want.

What I love about Here Come the Curls:

This is a product that ticks all the boxes for me.

  • It is very quick and easy to use
  • Helps me manage the frizz in my hair
  • It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy. To be more precise, after my hair dry out, it doesn’t feel like I have any product on at all.
  • It gives some bounce to my curls. Even in days when I am planning to just tie my hair up in a ponytail, by using this cream my ponytail has more volume and looks more alive and interesting.
  • Extremely lightweight. For someone with fine hair this would be perfect.
  • The curls stay in place for the longest time without losing their shape.

What I don’t love:

  • Lee Stafford products tend to have a very distinct smell that is not my favourite. I don’t exactly hate it, but I would have preferred something different.
  • My biggest problem is how quickly I run out of this product. It comes in a 100ml tube and I don’t think it ever lasted me more than a month. If they released a bigger version of the tube I would buy it in a second because I started to get tired of having to repurchase it so often.

I love Lee Stafford’s hair products in general, but this one has to be the winner for me. I use it every time I want to have a natural easy hair style (which is every day I guess 😊). If I don’t count the fact that I live in constant fear of running out of it, I really enjoy using it. I highly recommend trying this if you are looking for an effortless way to create a wave to your hair that hold until your next hair wash.

Have you tried any other products that give similar effects without much effort? Please leave below your comments with recommendations.



14 thoughts on “Here Come the Curls

    1. @McKayla
      I find that when using mousse regularly, it causes my hair to fall out. I’m talking going to wash my hair and immediately my bathtub was getting clogged with hair.
      I discovered this product because I was looking for an alternative and it’s a really good one!
      Now I use mousse only on days when I want that extra special volume for nights out

  1. Would love to try it out as it seems to take less effort. How many times did you use one tube in a month?

    1. @Priyadarshini
      I tend to wash my hair quite often; I use it almost on a daily basis. If you don’t use it that often, I guess it would last a lot longer

  2. Although I don’t have curly hair, I’m definitely a fan of any products that make hair maintenance easy! I like to style my hair one day (straighten or curl) and then just use dry shampoo if needed the next day, as I don’t have any products like this to make it easier!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. @Mica
      Sadly, I have yet to find the perfect dry shampoo for me. Since my hair is pretty dark, everything I have tried leaves a white cast and my hair just look dirty. I like this product because when I use it, my natural curls remain looking fresh a lot longer and it basically eliminates the need for a dry shampoo anyway!

      Thanks for reading!

    1. @Hannah
      This is perfect for me, although I’m not sure how it would work on straight hair.
      I know that there are equivalent products for straight hair that help eliminate the frizziness. Perhaps you can try something from John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range of products, I’ve heard very good reviews for the Straight Fixation Styling Creme.
      Hope this helps!

  3. In another life, it sounds like I would find this product very useful. The bouncing curls sounds like a great selling point (maybe you should pitch the idea to Lee Stafford and get an affiliate deal set up 😉 ). Speaking of hitting up Lee Stafford, a fun adventure might be finding out how you could get the product in bulk via their distribution hubs or factory centers. Seems like a fun, creative post to explore!

    1. @Paul
      That’s a good idea! I’ll look into it, maybe I won’t have to run out to the shops every time I run out.
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Have a lovely day!

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