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When I first left home for my studies in UK I was full of dreams. I wanted to finish my degree in Mathematics, I wanted to proceed and have a successful career as a software developer, I wanted my journey to get to my goals to be full of fun moments and wonderful people.

I did all that and even more. I spend 7 amazing years in UK and I returned to Cyprus full of experiences and knowledge.

What I never expected, was to discover a new aspect of myself that I never knew I had. The Beauty Lover.

I was never one to wear lots of makeup. My daily makeup was just some concealer, and that was only because my dark circles are so blue that little children get scared when they see me without it. In university, I got to the next step and added to my routine a black kohl eyeliner to my waterline and lots and lots of mascara. That was it. Nothing else.

Summer 2008. At the time, this for me was a full face of makeup.

You must understand, growing up in Cyprus, high street brands and affordable makeup were not available. For me as a teenager, makeup was way out of my price range since it was offered solely by high-end brands. Having that in my mind, I grew up believing that makeup was just a luxury, targeted towards superficial people.

Nevertheless, standing in the long queue of Boots waiting to get my standard toiletries it was hard to ignore all the pretty makeup flooding the aisles. The eye-catching packaging, the vibrant colours in combination with the amazing offers eventually drew me in.

And boy what a turnaround! I immediately fell in love with the eyeshadows, the lipsticks, the blushes. Of course, I didn’t know how to use all that. So, with the help of YouTubers like pixiwoo, Fleur DeForce, Tanya Burr and Ingrid Nilsen, I learned how to create the perfect smokey eye, how to take proper care of my skin and how to always look my best without looking like I have slathered tons of makeup on my face.

For the past 4 years, I have set up my skincare routine and built my makeup stash. I have tried many products, some affordable, some not so much, some that I adored and some that I threw away.

Best of Beauty - A Beauty Lover's Stories

But, not having someone to discuss with about beauty products was driving me crazy! Raving for my newest Holy Grail face oil to my boyfriend can only go so far before he starts snoozing off and falls asleep. For me, this blog is an outlet, sharing my views on beauty with people who are interested in what I have to say.

I still have lots to learn, heaps of products to try, and I have yet to master the elusive perfect winged eyeliner. But I believe that with this blog I can improve myself while offering also some, hopefully useful, insights on what I have learned so far.

What inspired you to get into makeup?

Please feel free to leave comments with any thoughts, ideas and suggestions you may have.


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