Pixi SkinTreats: Beauty Sleep Cream


Beauty Sleep Cream is a night cream for hydrating and soothing skin. It contains 100% natural mango butter as well as lavender, lemon and bergamot oils and various flower extracts.

The moisturizer comes in a tube-with-a-pump packaging, which is my favourite type. It doesn’t allow the product to come in contact with the air or your hands, making it hygienic. The pump is very easily controlled, allowing the perfect amount of product to come out. Also… and this is very important… it is very easy to understand when you are running out because the shape of the tube changes (it kinda gets sucked in) as the product gets used up.

Beauty Sleep Cream is described as a “Rich Night Treatment” but it doesn’t feel rich. The texture is definitely buttery, but it is extremely fast-absorbing, and does not leave a residue on my skin.


I travelled with this at my recent trip to US, and used it over a month continuously. It did cover all my skincare needs for the period I was travelling, leaving my skin hydrated and supple, but after a while I felt that I missed my other night creams that usually have more sophisticated formula targeting specific skincare concerns.

Overall, this is a very nice, simple cream that does the job beautifully, suitable for someone that doesn’t want to give too much thought to their skincare routine.

This review is a part of a bigger post, covering my thoughts on Pixi SkinTreats range of products in general. To see my review of the brand and other products I have tried, click here.

Did you try Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream? What is your opinion on it? Let me know in the comments below. 


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