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I bought Pixi Glowtion Day Dew as a day moisturizer, to complement the Beauty Sleep Cream which was intended to be used only at night. Like its night equivalent, I decided to take it with me while I was travelling. But this one held a surprise for me…

The description of the product on the packaging is this:

“Natural glow creator. Botanical complex instantly moisturizes and boosts dull skin. Lightweight, nourishing & youth-enhancing.”

The description at Pixi’s site mentions:

“Lavender oil calms, kaolin purifies, and mica brightens”

I understood this as “A moisturizer that contains natural ingredients, and enhances skin radiance”. Something like Clarins Energy Booster, but in moisturizer form.

But no… I got the moisturizing and natural ingredients part right, but the glow and radiance? That part is achieved by iridescent pigments included in the cream. This is more comparable to Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector  or MAC’s Strobe Cream than the Energy Booster.


First day I used it, I didn’t realise exactly how shimmery it was. I put it all over my face, how I would normally apply any other moisturizer, finished my makeup, and went to work. As soon as I arrived, I saw my face in the mirror and was horrified. I looked like a shimmering Christmas ornament! I had to apply a lot of mattifying powder to tone it down a bit.

Here, the cream is completely absorbed. You can easily see the shimmering particles on my hand.

After that, I learned my lesson. I was lucky enough to have a sample from another moisturizer with me, that I didn’t use because it was too thick and heavy for my skin. For the rest of my trip, I was mixing them together. Due to the Glowtion Day Dew being much thinner in consistency, the end-result was light enough for my combination/oily skin and had the perfect amount of iridescent particles to achieve the glow without being too much.

Since then, I have also used it mixed with a matte foundation and it worked beautifully to give a glow-from-within look to my skin.

I believe this is a very good product, but it is described and marketed wrong. Yes, it is hydrating and it has all the nice ingredients but the shimmer makes this closer to a liquid highlighter than a moisturizer. What bothers me, is that nowhere on the packaging or Pixi’s site it is mentioned that the “natural glow” is achieved by the iridescent pigment, which is misleading.

By sharing this review, I hope you are able to learn from my mistakes. In case you try Glowtion Day Dew, do a test in your hand first. Find out what is the best combination for you; mixed it with a moisturizer, with a foundation or is it OK for you to be used alone? And most importantly, never take products that you haven’t used before on long trips away from home. I know I learned that lesson the hard way. 😊

This review is a part of a bigger post, covering my thoughts on Pixi SkinTreats range of products in general. To see my review of the brand and other products I have tried, click here.

Did you try Pixi Glowtion Day Dew? Do you use it as a normal moisturizer or you mix it in your foundation? Let me know in the comments below. 



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    1. @Nena
      Thank you! It was my first day visiting a customer’s offices and it definitely wasn’t the first impression I wanted to make. It is a funny story though! 🙂

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