Pixi SkinTreats: Makeup Fixing Mist

I never really bought a setting spray before this one. My only experience with face mists/setting sprays are a few samples I received from subscription boxes and kept in my handbag for cases when my makeup needed a refresh during the day. I thought it was time to start using one regularly and Pixi’s Makeup Fixing Mist seemed like a good option.


Ever since I got it, I use it daily as the last step of my makeup. I spray it over my face 3-4 times and then wait for a while for it to dry.

The spray nozzle is good enough that it sprays an even mist, however I would have preferred a finer mist. I must be careful not to spray too much of the product and to not touch my face before it dries otherwise my makeup will smudge horribly. This is really annoying for me because this is literally the last thing I do before I leave for work, and I don’t like having to wait for the setting spray to dry before I can put on my glasses and leave.

It contains rose water and green tea which is supposed to “protect and balance skin” but honestly, I am not expecting any significant skincare benefit from a spray that I put over my makeup. What I care about, is to prolong makeup wear and getting rid of the caked look I end up having by using too many powder products.

I feel like it does the job well enough and it certainly intrigued me to continue using a setting spray over my makeup. However, I cannot shake the feeling that there are better options for me to try.

This review is a part of a bigger post, covering my thoughts on Pixi SkinTreats range of products in general. To see my review of the brand and other products I have tried, click here.

Did you try Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist? What else would you recommend me to try? Let me know in the comments below. 


5 thoughts on “Pixi SkinTreats: Makeup Fixing Mist

    1. @Veronica
      It does the job well enough, but I’m not exactly over the moon on how much it prolongs makeup wear.
      I’ve heard lots of people talking about Fix+ , I think it will be the next one I try.
      Thanks for reading!

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