Pixi SkinTreats: Rose Oil Blend

One of my favourite steps in my evening skincare routine, is to apply a face oil. Even though my skin is combination/oily, I find face oils very beneficial for me. Pixi offers only one oil in their skincare range and I got it so that I would have a complete set of Pixi products to cover my evening skincare routine (along with Glow Tonic, Beauty Sleep Cream and 24K Eye Elixir).


Pixi Rose Oil Blend is a mix of oils promising to nourish skin and improve its elasticity and glow. It contains Sweet almond oil, rosehip oil for rejuvenating the skin, jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil which is antioxidant and provides many nutrients and vitamins, rose geranium oil for toning and balancing and orange peel oil.

I use Rose Oil Blend at night, after toning. Usually, I use around 3 drops of oil and I massage it to my skin and let it absorb before continuing with my night cream. I have also used it mixed in with my moisturiser (only 1-2 drops).


The oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper which I love. The dropper makes it easy to use and mess free. As I am using only a couple of drops each time, I expect the 30ml bottle to last me for months.

The product itself has a rose scent which I personally love, and it helps me relax before I go to bed. For people that are not a fan of rose scent, I would imagine it wouldn’t be so enjoyable, however the smell doesn’t linger for long and I personally cannot smell it after I continue with my moisturizer.

When I massage it directly on my skin, it takes a couple of minutes to absorb and it leaves a little bit of residue on my skin, which I don’t mind since I go to sleep immediately afterwards. I don’t have this problem when I mix it with my moisturizer, although I wouldn’t use it in the morning since I feel it would be too heavy for me. I believe that someone with a drier skin than mine, would be able to use it in the morning under makeup without any problems.

When I use Rose Oil Blend, my skin feels immediately hydrated and when I wake up in the morning it is very soft. Over time, with continuous use, I noticed that the glow in my skin is significantly increased and I look more healthy overall.

I really enjoy using Rose Oil Blend. I might even prefer it compared to my (until now) favourite Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and it is definitely my favourite out of all Pixi’s products that I have tried until now. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter their skin type, looking to improve skin’s hydration and glow.

This review is a part of a bigger post, covering my thoughts on Pixi SkinTreats range of products in general. To see my review of the brand and other products I have tried, click here.

Did you try Pixi Rose Oil Blend? What effects did it have on your skin? Let me know in the comments below. 


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