How to Rejuvenate a Zombie Face

For the past few months, life for me has been extremely remarkably and utterly busy. I had to find a way to balance work, business trips, university assignments and exams as well as social obligations. I reached a point at the start of October, where I studied for my university assignment until 5-6am, just so I could sleep for 2-3 hours and go to work for a full 10 hours.

Naturally, during that time, anything related to beauty had taken a back seat in my mind. Cyprus summer heat certainly didn’t help; the only cosmetics that I could handle on my face was a very light moisturizer and lots of sunscreen. As for makeup, I put on just enough concealer and mascara to resemble a normal human being and not a sleep-deprived zombie.

Eventually, one morning I woke up from yet another 2-hour night sleep, and as I tried to wash my teeth, I put my face wash on my toothbrush. 😳 My Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser may be perfect for the face, but for the teeth…. not so much. That silly incident was a wake-up call for me. I took a long look at myself and my crazy schedule and realized that no matter how important work and university are, I need to take care of myself.

At that point, my face was a mess; dark circles, pimples, dark spots, blackheads, everything that I keep working so hard to get rid of, were right on my face. So from the middle of October onwards, I made a conscious effort to get back to a regular skin care routine, fix my diet, take some vitamins and get to a normal sleeping pattern.

My products of choice for transforming my face for a zombie to healthy looking skins are listed below.

A Beauty Lover's Stories | Products to rejuvenate the face

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask:

First thing I wanted to do, was to get rid of all the blemishes and spots I had on my face. This mask by Clinique is usually my go-to product in situations like this as it manages to get rid of spots as fast as possible. Even when my skin is clear, I try to use it regularly, for preventing any blemishes from appearing, which is why it was included in my January’s favourites.

I only need to leave it for 5 minutes before I rinse it off, something that works perfectly with my hectic schedule. After using it, I always follow with a rich night cream, since it tends to leave my skin a little dry afterwards.

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask with Natural Charcoal:

Similarly, this 1-minute mask is exactly what any woman with no time for herself needs. The mask comes in single use sachets and the product warms up when it comes in contact with water. Its purpose is to draw out impurities and clear pores.

To use it, you must wet your face, apply the mask and massage it for 1 minute before you rinse it off.  I really like the warming sensation it has when you apply it to the face, and the cooling sensation after you rinse it off. Also, I appreciate the fact that I have to massage it to the face, giving me an excuse to sit for a minute and relax my mind.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial:

Once the spots were handled and my pores were clear, the next step was to get rid of the dull looking mess that was my face. Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial that I got with my LookFantastic 2016 Limited Edition Box and it is a leave-on treatment, that works while you sleep, to exfoliate, massage and hydrate the skin. The results are visible the next morning, the skin is softer and has a glow.

Clarins Double Serum:

The sleepless nights and the continuous stress, took a toll on my skin, and I started seeing the first signs of fine lines around my eyes. I feel very young to worry about wrinkles; however I am a firm believer that prevention is a better than cure. As a result, I decided to invest in Clarins Double Serum, one of the best anti-aging serums in the market. It claims to leave skin firmer, smoother, and more radiant which is exactly what I need. I only started using it this month, so I didn’t see any extraordinary results yet, however I am really liking it so far.

Clarins Energy Booster:

Last, but definitely not least, Clarins Energy Booster has been my saviour once again. I don’t use this product on a regular basis, it is reserved only for extreme situations like the one right now. It is intended to be used on tired-looking skin, stimulating it to revive radiance, tone and re-energize, eliminating all signs of signs of fatigue.

It has an oil consistency and I prefer to use it in the morning, mixing a few drops in my moisturizer. Because is it so intense, it cannot be used alone, and I only use it for one week at a time. The results are amazing and instant.

The combination of these products has helped me to get my skin back to normal within a week. My schedule is still busy and have very little free time, but now I make conscious efforts to make time for myself and to have a semi-normal sleeping pattern.

What are the products that you use to rejuvenate your skin in an emergency? Let me know in the comments below. 



16 thoughts on “How to Rejuvenate a Zombie Face

  1. Wow! You’re a busy girl! Pretty admireable. I worked for Clinique and the acne line was always out the shelves! I’ve hardly ever get any blemishes and I am for once experiencing this, and will also change a bit my diet and try out Clinique again! Thanks lovely !

  2. Hello Ioanna
    thanks so much for sharing,this post is like written with me in mind, after a long day at work, by lunch time, my makeup looks like I slept on it, with a very short lunch break, it`s at tiimes almost impossible to fix my zombie like makeup.
    You`ve shared really useful tips, thanks so much

    1. @Ophelia
      Well, operate might be a strong word… It’s more like I’m on autopilot, my body knows what to do, but my brain is completely non functional until the 2nd coffee. Thanks for reading!

  3. I have to smile at this because I’ve been so tired I put toothpaste on my face brush lol. Used to use quite a few of the REN products, and I miss them! I will have to check out that Biore mask for my oily skin.

  4. Lovely products you’ve got here. In summer I use less products because of the high temperature, I can’t stand using oils and serums so I love lightweight products. The Biore mask sounds something I would love!

  5. I’ve never tried Clinique before, but I’ve heard great things about their products. Might need to try after all

    1. Clinique in general has been a hit-and-miss for me. But once you find a product that works for you, it really does work. It is worth it to check it out!

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