The Chubby Stick Story

Who here has ever discovered a favourite product by mistake? Because this is how I discovered the Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips.

All Chubby sticks

I was stuck in at the airport in Paris, waiting for my flight and of course I was in Duty Free Beauty section trying to decide what products were worth spending my hard-earned money on.

I’ll be honest with you, for the life of me I cannot remember what draw me to the Clinique counter and what I decided to buy. What I do remember is that there was a gift set offer that included the item I wanted to buy along with a Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in the shade chunkiest chili.

When I first swatched it, I wasn’t impressed with the colour. At the time, I was only wearing lipsticks in rose hues, the my-lips-but-better colours, and this one seemed too red and out of my comfort zone. So I left this in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it for a while.

After a few months, I decided to give it a try. And I loved it! In fact, I loved the colour and the formula so much that in my next duty-free visit, I found a Clinique Chubby stick trio containing all three Chubby Stick formulas (baby tint, original and intense) and bought it without a second thought.

Below you can read my review on all 4 of them:

Formula: What sets the Clinique chubby sticks apart compared to other similar type products I have tried, is how comfortable they feel on the lips. They are marketed as “Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms” and I believe they are true to their name.

Packaging: All Chubby sticks come in a twist-up crayon packaging which I love. Each one is colour matched to product inside. I always like to have 1 or 2 of them in my bag since they are very easy to travel with and I don’t really need a mirror to apply.

Colour of each Chubby Stick:

Clinique Chubby Sticks Swatches_photoshop.jpg

budding blossom

This is the sheerest one of all 4, it barely shows on my hand when I am swatching it. On my lips, it gives a baby pink sheer wash of colour. This is not for someone looking for an intense pigmentation lipstick, but it is perfect for those no-makeup days that you just need a little extra help to look alive. What impressed me with this, is that it has a stain effect, so even though the colour is sheer it can last for hours.


In the photo above the faint pink colour you can see is the stain left from a swatch of budding blossom chubby stick. Photo was taken 3 hours after I swatched all the chubby sticks, in those hours I washed my hand with soap and water and put on hand cream. I managed to get it off only after using a makeup wipe.

wopping watermelon

Woppin’ watermelon practically lives in my bag. It is a sheer pink my-lips-but-better shade on me. I love it because it is extremely easy to wear and looks very flattering on my skin tone. I like to apply it after work if I am going out to meet with friends, since it makes me look very fresh and put-together after a long day at work, without much effort. The only negative I find is that the colour doesn’t last long, but I can look past that since it fades evenly and it is easy to reapply.

plushest punch

I must say, they didn’t name the formula Intense for nothing. Plushest Punch is by far the most intense and bright colour out of the 4 I own. It has a raspberry pink colour with a satin finish. It is almost too bright for me so I don’t reach for it that often. As opposed to the others, I don’t think of this one as being easy to apply. The packaging in general doesn’t allow for a precise application, but it doesn’t really bother me with the others because they are sheer. With this colour, however, I feel that I need a lip liner to get to the edges without messing it up.

chunkiest chili

This is the first one I tried and is my favourite. Chunkiest chili is a brown red with tiny specs of silver shimmer in it. Since is it an almost muted red, I find it very easy to wear and pair with many makeup looks and the perfect red for more casual occasions. It does wear off after a few hours but it fades evenly. Even though this is also Intense and pigmentation is great, the colour is more forgiving than plushest punch, so I don’t need a lip liner for applying it.


Clinique chubby sticks are perfect for those that need a quick on the go wash of colour without sacrificing the comfort and hydration of the lips. I definitely couldn’t say that they are the bold, long-lasting formulas of other lipsticks on the market but for me comfort is more important than longevity.

What do you think about the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balms? Any other colours I should try?


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